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Taking Back Control: Restoring Universalism in the Age of Identity Politics

It can feel safer avoiding conversations on social issues that can be landmines at the best of times. But the longer those who believe in freedom and responsibility sit on the sidelines, the longer we give free rein for others to shape the debate.

Where we can start to shift debate is on the role of government and other institutions in the lives of ordinary Australians. We must start talking about freedom to the people who don’t know, or have forgotten, that getting to a better place in life can — and should — start with taking responsibility for one’s own life: taking back control, and owning the decisions that come with freedom, along with their consequences.

We must also continue to point out the absurdity of those calling for ever greater social equality while weakening the very economic foundations that allow genuine social improvement. We must remind people, especially younger people who just don’t know their history, what the consequences will be of shattering the economy in the name of identity politics.

By doing so, we can take back the reins of public debate, and share the benefits of our fundamental freedoms with a new generation, and broader range, of Australians.