Legacy Society

It is easy to look back at the influential people and institutions who instilled in us their beliefs, culture, and value system that continue to withstand the test of time.

When Greg Lindsay started the CIS in his backyard shed, the legacy that began that day was unclear. That beginning has helped mould the direction of Australian society for generations to come.

We would like to invite you to become a partner for the future. A bequest made to the CIS legacy Society is your own legacy towards maintaining the values necessary for the betterment of future generations. Your legacy membership, supporting the CIS, is your way of being eternally vigilant – you become an integral and perpetual part of our vision for free choice, individual liberty, cultural freedom, and the open exchange of ideas.

For those who have generously supported the CIS for many years, a bequest is a way to continue supporting the CIS in working for the  principles and beliefs you value.