The Health Innovation Program continues to focus attention on the key structural issues that increase the cost and lower the quality of Australian healthcare – while proposing politically-feasible and therefore practical reform ideas that will improve the cost- effectiveness and sustainability of the health system.

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Medi-Mess: Rational Federalism and Patient Cost-Sharing for Public Hospital Sustainability in Australia
David Gadiel, Jeremy Sammut
16 July 2017 | RR30

The latest attempt to ‘end the blame game’ between the state and federal governments over health funding was scuttled after state premiers rejected Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘tax swap’ federalism reform proposal at the April 2016 COAG meeting.  The intransigence of the states —and the…

Politically-Feasible Health Reform: Whatever Will It Take?
Jeremy Sammut, Peta Seaton, Gerald Thomas, Terry Barnes
07 December 2016 | OP153

Despite the ever-escalating cost of health posing severe fiscal sustainability challenges, health reform has been dumped even more firmly in the politically too-hard basket since the ‘Mediscare’ federal election. A politically-feasible reform strategy is required to catalyse much-needed innovation in the health sector and deliver…

Ending the Violence in Indigenous Communities
Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, Marcia Langton, Josephine Cashman
05 December 2016 | OP152

Urgent action is need to address the epidemic of violence in Indigenous communities. Aboriginal women are between 37 and 80 times more likely to experience family violence than non-Indigenous women. For too long, the voices of the victims of domestic violence have been oppressed and…

MEDI-VATION: ‘Health Innovation Communities’ for Medicare Payment and Service Reform
Jeremy Sammut, Gerald Thomas, Peta Seaton
02 November 2016 | RR21

Health Innovation Communities (HICs) would essentially constitute an Australian ‘Silicon Valley’ for health – hubs for research and development within which the proverbial 1000 flowers will bloom as a plurality of different providers create novel health products and solutions. The good examples and real world…

MEDI-VALUE: Health Insurance and Service Innovation in Australia - Implications for the Future of Medicare
Jeremy Sammut
20 April 2016 | Research Report 14

For healthcare innovation to flourish there needs to be a real market for health services in Australia. Providers that deliver cost-effective, patient-centred care should be rewarded for increased efficiency and lower costs by being able to sell that value-proposition to cost-and quality-conscious purchasers. For innovation…

Media & Commentary

Dragging gender into the public square
Jeremy Sammut
19 January 2018 | Ideas@TheCentre

Libertarians and libertines used to argue that the government ‘should get out of people’s bedrooms’ because sex was a private matter of choice and consent between adults. But in the…

Why not an obesity tax, rather than a sugar tax?
Matthew O’Donnell

Once upon a time, New Year’s resolutions were the purview of the individual. You made an unwritten pact with yourself to read more books or to join a gym. Sometimes…

The doctor will ask you now
Jessica Borbasi
08 December 2017 | IDEAS@THECENTRE

In light of nocebo and the potential harm from information,  doctors are being advised to heed caution before cautioning their patients.

Life before death
Jessica Borbasi
24 November 2017 | Ideas@TheCentre

The end isn’t inevitably nigh but it is the end. For all the doomsday discussions about death what we have failed to consider is life — life in the years,…

Cancel the one-way tickets to Victoria
Jessica Borbasi
21 November 2017 | The Spectator; Flat White

It is a sad reality that perfectly well older Australians are looking into their futures and finding solace in the potential of physician-assisted suicide. Irrespective of what this says about…