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Since its formation in 1976, The Centre for Independent Studies has conducted wide ranging research into economics, social policy, law, government and foreign affairs.

Our overall research agenda is set by our Executive Director, in consultation with research staff. As an independent think tank, we do not undertake any research on request.



Township Leasing and the Democratisation of Opportunity

Peter Gregory
2 December 2021 • AP30


Failing to teach the teacher: An analysis of mathematics Initial Teacher Education

Glenn Fahey, Jordan O’Sullivan and Jared Bussell
25 November 2021 • AP29

Between Geography and History: Delhi and Canberra in Indo-Pacific Security

C. Raja Mohan
11 November 2021 • AP28


Beating lockdown blues: Students pass the Covid test

Glenn Fahey
25 October 2021 • RR42


Time to ‘step up’ the tempo: Australia’s answer to Beijing in Papua New Guinea

Sean Jacobs
21 October 2021 • AP27


The Philippines Caught between Appeasing and Constraining China: How Australia can help tip the balance

Renato Cruz De Castro
28 September 2021 • PP44


Xi Dreams of 100 More Glorious Years for the Party: Might China Awake?

Rowan Callick
16 September 2021 • AP26


Reflections on the EU Project and its Flaws: A fatal conceit about markets and the real world

Richard Alston
9 September 2021 • OP185


The Threat of Identity Politics

Simon Heffer
1 September 2021 • OP184


Attitudes to a post-Covid Australia

Robert Carling and Simon Cowan
26 August 2021 • AP25


The Psychology of Populism: Tribal Challenges to Liberal Democracy

Joseph P. Forgas
19 August 2021 • OP183


90 Days to Freedom? Why Australia can learn from Canada’s vaccination success

Robert Carling
18 August 2021 • PP43


Why Inquiry-based Approaches Harm Students’ Learning

John Sweller
11 August 2021 • AP24


Writing matters: reversing a legacy of policy failure in Australian education

Deidre Clary and Fiona Mueller
28 July 2021 • AP23


Scaling up success in majority Indigenous schools

Noel Pearson
8 July 2021 • OP182


Afghanistan on the brink of an abyss

William Maley
1 July 2021 • OP181


Mind the Gap: Understanding the Indigenous education gap and how to close it

Glenn Fahey
24 June 2021 • RR41


Crucial Collaboration: The Case for Closer Australia-UK Defence and Security Ties in Light of a Rising China

Tom Tugendhat
23 June 2021 • PP42


Cancelling the Culture: Critical Theory and the Chasm of Incoherence

Peter Kurti
03 June 2021 • AP22


The MMT Hoax

Tony Makin and Gene Tunny
27 May 2021 • PP41 

Back to Basics: A new model for business creation in remote Indigenous communities

Nyunggai Warren Mundine and Elizabeth Henderson
20 May 2021 • AP21

Indigenous suicide: Finding a catalyst for action

Anthony Dillon
6 May 2021 • OP180

Does high-rise development damage neighbourhood character?
Peter Tulip and Zachary Lanigan
29 April 2021 • PP40
Make every drop count, and count every drop: Vanishing groundwater needs proper monitoring and management

Grahame Campbell
22 April 2021 • PP39

Resisting China’s Economic Coercion: Why America should support Australia

Alan Dupont
8 April 2021 • PP38

Australians’ Attitudes to Social Media: Connection or Curse?

Monica Wilkie
29 March 2021 • PP37

The Need for U.S.-Australia Leadership to Counter China across the Indo-Pacific

Erik M. Jacobs
25 March 2021 • PP36

Confronting Indigenous educational disadvantage: A Kimberley perspective

Lorraine Hammond
24 March 2021 • AP20

Implications of the Retirement Income Review: Public advocacy of private profligacy?
Terrence O’Brien
17 March 2021 • AP19
A 2021 education resolution: keep an eye on the Australian Curriculum
Fiona Mueller
11 February 2021 • OP179
The Looming Iceberg: Australia’s post-pandemic debt risk
Robert Carling
28 January 2021 • PP35
Worlds Apart: Remote Indigenous disadvantage in the context of wider Australia
Jacinta Nampijinpa Price
25 January 2021 • PP34
The New President: What Biden’s Foreign Policy Agenda Means for Australia
Salvatore Babones
19 January 2021 • OP178
Victims of failure – how the COVID-19 policy response let down Australians
Monica Wilkie
9 December 2020 • AP18
Planning restrictions harm housing affordability
Peter Tulip
3 December 2020 • PP33
Dollars and Sense: Time for smart reform of Australian school funding
Glenn Fahey
1 December 2020 • RR40
A House Divided: The AFRB and China’s Subnational Diplomacy in Australia
Salvatore Babones
12 November 2020 • AP17
The Elite Embrace
Rowan Callick
3 November 2020 • OP177
The End of Monetary Policy?
Warren Hogan
29 October 2020 • AP16
Innovation in Australia

Matt Ridley 
22 October 2020 • OP176

Parents’ perspectives on home-based learning in the covid-19 pandemic

Glenn Fahey and Blaise Joseph
1 October 2020 • AP15

RATIONALISING REGULATION: Helping the economy recover from the corona crisis

Gene Tunny and Ben Scott
24 September 2020 • AP14

Australia, the United States and China in a post-Covid world

Richard Alston
14 September 2020 • OP175

Cancelled! How ideological cleansing threatens Australia

Peter Kurti
17 August 2020 • AP13

Industrial Relations in a Post-COVID World

Judith Sloan
13 August 2020 • AP12

Moral Terrorism
Simon Heffer
22 July 2020 • OP174
Policies against Covid-19: Reflections on the way in and the way out

Terrence O’Brien and Robert Carling
20 July 2020

It’s The Economy, Stupid: Economic participation only way to Close the Gap

Nyunggai Warren Mundine
15 July 2020 • AP11

The Economic Challenge of Covid-19
Robert Carling
9 July 2020 • PP32
Lower Company Tax to Resuscitate the Economy
Jeff Bennett, Michael Potter and Tony Makin
7 July 2020 • PP31
Responses to ‘Mitigating the New Cold War’
Alan Dupont
1 July 2020
On re-building a virtuous civic culture

Peter Kurti
18 June 2020 • AP10
A Fiscal Vaccine for COVID-19
Tony Makin
11 June 2020 • PP30
The 12-Week Window: Coronavirus crisis Australia didn’t have to have
Salvatore Babones
3 June 2020 • AP9
State Finances after the Pandemic

Robert Carling
24 May 2020 • PP29

Pain without gain: Why school closures are bad policy

Blaise Joseph and Glenn Fahey
24 May 2020 • PP28

Mitigating the New Cold War: Managing US-China trade, tech and geopolitical conflict

Alan Dupont
22 May 2020 • AP8

Rights, Morals, Dignity: Why defending religious freedom matters
Peter Kurti
10 April 2020 • OP174
Australia’s Export Exposure to China’s Coronavirus Epidemic
Salvatore Babones
18 February 2020 • AP7