Since its formation in 1976, The Centre for Independent Studies has conducted wide ranging research into economics, social policy, law, government and foreign affairs.

Our overall research agenda is set by our Executive Director, in consultation with research staff. As an independent think tank, we do not undertake any research on request.



RATIONALISING REGULATION: Helping the economy recover from the corona crisis
Gene Tunny and Ben Scott
24 September 2020
Australia, the United States and China in a post-Covid world
Richard Alston
14 September 2020
Cancelled! How ideological cleansing threatens Australia
Peter Kurti
17 August 2020
Industrial Relations in a Post-COVID World
Judith Sloan
13 August 2020
Moral Terrorism
Simon Heffer
22 July 2020
Policies against Covid-19: Reflections on the way in and the way out
Terrence O’Brien
and Robert Carling
20 July 2020
It’s The Economy, Stupid: Economic participation only way to Close the Gap
Nyunggai Warren Mundine

15 July 2020
The Economic Challenge of Covid-19
Robert Carling
9 July 2020
Lower Company Tax to Resuscitate the Economy
Jeff Bennett, Michael Potter and Tony Makin
7 July 2020
Responses to ‘Mitigating the New Cold War’
Alan Dupont
1 July 2020
On re-building a virtuous civic culture

Peter Kurti
18 June 2020
A Fiscal Vaccine for COVID-19
Tony Makin
11 June 2020
The 12-Week Window: Coronavirus crisis Australia didn’t have to have
Salvatore Babones
3 June 2020
State Finances after the Pandemic
Robert Carling
24 May 2020
Pain without gain: Why school closures are bad policy
Blaise Joseph and Glenn Fahey
24 May 2020
Mitigating the New Cold War: Managing US-China trade, tech and geopolitical conflict
Alan Dupont
22 May 2020
Rights, Morals, Dignity: Why defending religious freedom matters
Peter Kurti
10 April 2020
Australia’s Export Exposure to China’s Coronavirus Epidemic
Salvatore Babones
18 February 2020
Respect and division: How Australians view religion
Monica Wilkie and Robert Forsyth
3 December 2019 
What Do Parents Want From Schools?
Glenn Fahey
21 November 2019