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Neoliberalism:The Genesis of a Political Swearword
Oliver Marc Hartwich
19 May 2009 | OP114

Neoliberalism is one of the most commonly used words in political debates. Despite this, the origins of neoliberalism are hardly known. Nor does there appear to be a generally accepted definition of the term. Some commentators have linked it to ‘extreme capitalism’; others have called…

Fairness in a Liberal Society
Richard Epstein
28 November 2005 | OP99

Richard Epstein unravels different conceptions of fairness, a term which is elusive and indefinable, yet an indispensible part of our language.  Fairness is linked directly to rights, how that are aquired and then, eventually distributed.

The Morality of Capitalism
James Q. Wilson
15 October 1997 | OP62

Capitalism is winning the economic battle all over the world. The collapse of socialism has left it without serious challenge as a wealth-creating system. But moral criticism of capitalism continues. Even its defenders often deny that it has any moral foundation, or worry about whether…

The Century of Networking
Rupert Murdoch
15 November 1994 | OP51

Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and Chief Executive of The News Corporation Ltd, argues for an optimistic view of how the century of networking will change social, political and economic life. For Australia and New Zealand, it opens up new opportunities to overcome the tyranny of distance…

How Much Justice does a Society Need?
Kenneth Minogue
15 November 1992 | OP40

In the nineth John Bonython Lecture Ken Minogue recalls that justice used to mean the rule of law. This notion has been usurped by 'social justice'.

Media & Commentary

Ideology without being an ideologue
06 July 2015

Speech delivered by Trisha Jha at the Australian and New Zealand Students for Liberty Conference on 4 July When I was at uni, I took a compulsory class on Australian foreign…

Address by Hon Christian Porter - Magna Carta: Celebrating 800 Years of Law and Liberty
16 June 2015

United States Supreme Court Justice Scalia said of the Magna Carta ‘it is with us every day’.[1]  In its 800th Anniversary Year it is hard to deny this observation. Indeed,…

Address by James Spigelman - MAGNA CARTA: The Rule of Law and Liberty
15 June 2015

The document to which King John affixed his seal on this day 800 years ago was intended to be a peace treaty to end a civil war. As such, it…

We cannot abandon rule of law and leave judgment of guilt to politicians
Barry Maley
10 June 2015

The jihadist movement and terrorism are forcing the federal government to wrestle with questions of citizenship, the rule of law, and the meaning of national sovereignty in a world becoming…

New CIS research: No moral or legal reason to ban burqa
Peter Kurti
01 June 2015

The burqa has been a garment of contention in Australia, with calls to ban it from being worn in public — most notably a suggestion of banning it in the…