The Indigenous Territory Gap - Peter Gregory
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On Liberty EP98 The Territory Gap

We welcomed Peter Gregory, author of the recent CIS paper The Territory Gap: Comparing Australia’s remote Indigenous communities.

The absolute and relative deprivation experienced by Indigenous people in remote and very remote Australia is well known. However, Indigenous people in remote areas are often lumped together as a single national category. There is little understanding of how the different states and territories perform in terms of the economic wellbeing of Indigenous people in remote and very remote areas.

The major finding of this research is that the Northern Territory has the worst economic outcomes for Indigenous people in remote or very remote locations of any state or territory in Australia by some margin, while South Australia has the best.

Why are remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory struggling? What is being done to help remote communities to ensure they thrive? Why are seeing the gaps in economic wellbeing across remote communities?

Watch on YouTube  when host, Salvatore Babones asks Peter about his recent paper’s findings.