Issue Analysis


After the Riot: the Meaning for Multicultural Australia
Benjamin Herscovitch, Jeremy Sammut, Peter Kurti
11 October 2012 | IA135

Innocence of Muslims Among thinking Australians, these concerns are not a manifestation of inherent prejudice; they are prompted by legitimate questions. Australian society has a long track record of successfully integrating migrants from diverse backgrounds.…

Diminishing Democracy: The Threat Posed by Political Expenditure Laws
Andrew Norton
31 July 2009 | IA114

Electoral law reforms nearing a Senate vote risk making political activists inadvertent lawbreakers, deterring financial supporters of Australia‚Äôs civil society, and creating unnecessary bureaucratic burdens. These provisions are included in the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Political…

The Long Eye of the Law Closed Circuit Television, Crime Prevention and Civil Liberties
Caspar Conde
14 April 2004 | IA48

Australian police are being asked to do more with less. More criminals, new laws, new terror threats and increasingly sophisticated crimes are to be pursued with a lean budget and not enough officers. Police resources…

The Thinning Blue Line
Nicole Billante
19 March 2003 | IA31

The likelihood that a criminal will be caught after committing an offence is an important deterrent for potential offenders. However, on average across Australia, the number of police has not increased significantly enough to combat…

Poor Laws (2): The Minimum Wage and Unemployment
Kayoko Tsumori
02 December 2002 | IA28

Many social policy researchers and practitioners in Australia believe that a high minimum wage helps alleviate poverty. But a high minimum wage provides no relief for the majority of poor households that are jobless and…