Issue Analysis


The Bipolar Pacific
Helen Hughes
21 August 2008 | IA98

Australians have become accustomed to bad news from the Pacific islands. Conflict in the Solomon Islands, coups in Fiji, murders by raskol gangs in Papua New Guinea, and the burning of Chinatown in Nukulofa in…

Five Out of Ten: A Performance Report on the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI)
Gaurav Sodhi
31 January 2008 | IA92

The Solomon Islands, with a population of 500,000, is the third-largest state in the Pacific. It is also one of the poorest and least developed. Its islands are richly endowed with volcanic soils, marine resources,…

The HIV/AIDS Crisis in Papua New Guinea
Miranda Darling Tobias
08 February 2007 | IA81

The rapid spread of HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea has created a health emergency. At least 120,000 Papua New Guineans are likely to have HIV/AIDS and infections are spreading quickly. Infection rates are now estimated…

Time for a Change in Tonga: From Monarchy to Modernity
Gaurav Sodhi
07 November 2006 | IA77

The Pacific, rather than being famous for blue waters and sandy beaches, is fast gaining a reputation for hosting corrupt, ineffective governments and dysfunctional economies. Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Fiji and Vanuatu have…

Vision or Fiction? Prospects of Regional Integration in the South Pacific
Stephan Freitag
25 October 2006 | IA76

Following the formation of the European Union, regional economic integration has been sought as path to rapid development by several groups of developing countries. The Pacific Forum has now joined groupings of Caribbean, Latin American…