Occasional Papers


Taking Back Control: Restoring Universalism in the Age of Identity Politics
Amanda Stoker
16 April 2019 | OP170

It can feel safer avoiding conversations on social issues that can be landmines at the best of times. But the longer those who believe in freedom and responsibility sit on the sidelines, the longer we…

Welfare reform beyond decades of dependence, ‘dole bludgers’ and ‘double dipping’
Simon Cowan
31 May 2017 | OP156

Recent attempts to reform welfare have focused on the wrong elements of the system. In some cases, advocating tightening eligibility for unemployment benefits and single mother payments while simultaneously increasing the scope and cost of…

Society is Broken
Theodore Dalrymple
20 June 2016 | OP146

With experience as a prison doctor and psychiatrist, Theodore Dalrymple decries the impact of the welfare state and a culture of dependence in society. A phrase such as ‘a broken society’ should not be made…

After the Welfare State: Politicians Stole Your Future … You Can Get It Back
Tom Palmer
08 April 2013 | OP132

The third title in the Jameson Books-Students for Liberty Series, After the Welfare State: Politicians Stole Your Future … You Can Get It Back is a collection of essays by eminent political economists from around…

Re-moralising the Welfare State
Peter Saunders
13 March 2013 | OP131

The left thinks high welfare spending signifies compassion. The right believes it rewards irresponsible behaviour. Saunders argues both sides are right. The left says people who need help must be cared for, irrespective of circumstances.…