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Helen Hughes: A Tribute
Glenys Byrne, Greg Lindsay, Noel Pearson, Ron Duncan, Tony Abbott
27 August 2014 | PF26

CIS Senior Fellow Professor Helen Hughes AO passed away on 15 June 2013 after a lifetime dedicated to working passionately and always fiercely on behalf of the poor and the powerless. Helen was a distinguished…

TARGET30: Reducing the burden for future generations
David Murray, Maurice Newman, Simon Cowan
01 July 2013 | PF25

TARGET30 is a campaign promoting smaller government and cutting government spending to less than 30% of GDP in the next 10 years. This collection of speeches presented at the campaign’s launch focuses on ensuring that…

Supping with the Devil : Government Contracts and the Non-Profit Sector
Peter Saunders
09 August 2009 | PF16

There was a time when it was easy to look at the formal organisations in a modern society like Australia and identify three clear sectors. Government (public sector) made laws and generally ran things. Business…

The Welfare State: Foundations and Alternatives
Michael James
01 March 1989 | PF7

The central question for public policy in the 1990s is whether the state should retain its near-monopoly of welfare provision or whether it should allow a greater role for private and voluntary methods of delivering…