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Have We All Gone Mad? The Snowflake Epidemic
Steven Schwartz, Lindsay Shepherd, Claire Lehmann, Tiffany Jenkins
22 November 2018 | OP168

University campuses throughout the West are in the grip of a troubling social phenomenon, now in danger of spreading beyond the ivy walls. Once bastions of intellectual rigour and freedom of thought, universities have become closed-minded and self-censoring, pandering to what appear from the outside…

University Freedom Charters: How best to protect free speech on Australian campuses
Jeremy Sammut
07 October 2018 | PP10

This POLICY Paper recommends how and why a ‘university freedom charters’ policy that is backed with financial penalties for non-compliance might operate to actively spur Australian universities to implement appropriate measures to address anti-free speech disruptive behaviour and properly protect freedom of thought and expression.…

What’s happened to the University?
Frank Furedi, Marguerite Johnson, Steven Schwartz
05 February 2018 | OP163

Trigger warnings, cultural appropriation and safe spaces. Who decided to bestow guardian status to Australian universities? And why should we let this proliferation of politically correct ideals become the norm, prescribing, censoring or outright banning texts, gagging speech and curbing the exchange of ideas? “The…

The future of education — a structural perspective
Jennifer Buckingham
22 August 2013

AISNSW Executive Conference, Killcare NSW Thursday 22 August 2013 The Centre for Independent Studies For those of you who attended the AISQ State forum in Queensland in May, much of this presentation will be familiar. When I spoke at that meeting, I said that when…

Indigenous Education 2012
Helen Hughes, Mark Hughes
27 June 2012 | PM129

In 2008, governments reduced their Indigenous literacy and numeracy target from ‘fix the problem in four years’ to ‘fix half the problem in ten years’. Indigenous Education 2012 shows that most states and territories are struggling to meet even this reduced target. Queensland and Western…

Media & Commentary

In defence of exams and the ATAR
Blaise Joseph
14 September 2020 | Financial Review

The pandemic has provided an excuse for some progressive education advocates to attempt another coup d’ATAR and recycle tired anti-exam fallacies.But would you want someone who has never passed a…

Why stop at ending HECS-HELP for failing students? Give the universities some skin in the game
Steven Schwartz
16 August 2020 | Spectator

Some students have accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt without obtaining a qualification. In response, the government has proposed restricting access to government-subsidised student loans. Unless there is…

Pathways to mediocrity
Monica Wilkie
12 March 2020 | IDEAS@THECENTRE

Merit is under attack – again. The University of Technology Sydney now offers 10 bonus points to female students who want to study STEM courses. The move has,  rightly  been…

Not learning to teach
Mitchell Thomas
20 February 2020 | IDEAS@THECENTRE

As students returned to school recently, a new crop of graduate teachers was well-equipped to talk to them about the politics of diversity and the deconstruction of traditional education. Sociology,…

Teacher training is the answer to improving student results
Blaise Joseph
09 December 2019 | Financial Review

In my teacher education degree four years ago, just one out of 14 courses was dedicated to literacy and numeracy. It included very little about how to actually teach literacy…