The CIS examines the roles and responsibilities of commonwealth, state and local governments, the fiscal aspects of federalism and the benefits a federal structure brings to Australia.


Australia's Export Exposure to China's Coronavirus Epidemic
Salvatore Babones
18 February 2020 | AP7

This paper estimates the direct and immediate effects of the coronavirus epidemic on the revenues of Australia’s major export industries. It breaks down Australia’s exports to China across 18 major industry groups, including both goods and services exports. China’s coronavirus epidemic is likely to cost…

Taking Back Control: Restoring Universalism in the Age of Identity Politics
Amanda Stoker
16 April 2019 | OP170

It can feel safer avoiding conversations on social issues that can be landmines at the best of times. But the longer those who believe in freedom and responsibility sit on the sidelines, the longer we give free rein for others to shape the debate. Where…

Reading Recovery: A Failed Investment
Jennifer Buckingham
07 February 2019 | PP15

Reading Recovery is an early intervention program for students in Year 1 who are having difficulty learning to read. It is widely used in Australia, the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, France and Denmark. It is endorsed by many leading educators and teacher professional organisations. Yet…

I, Mechanical Pencil: Why a socialist economy can never work
Steven Kates
06 February 2019 | PP14

Socialism brings poverty and oppression. The ignorance of so many as to why only a market economy is capable of bringing prosperity and political freedom is a major problem. Too many believe a socialist utopia can be achieved if only the right people took the…

Mapping migrants: Australians’ wide-ranging experiences of immigration
Charles Jacobs
05 December 2018 | PP13

Australians’ experiences of immigration are highly varied. Using 2016 ABS Census data, this POLICY Paper finds that – statistically – the wealth of the suburb we live in can have a major impact on the type of interaction we may have with migrants.  These different…

Media & Commentary

Beware unintended consequences, Prime Minister
Tom Switzer
09 November 2019 | SMH

An important rule of politics is the law of unintended consequences. Implement hasty and radical policy and you will almost surely realise you’ve created many things you did not intend…

Instead of squabbling over tax cuts, let’s talk about real reform
Simon Cowan
02 July 2019 | The Spectator

The left’s calls for the Coalition to abandon its tax cut agenda and open the government purse strings for more spending are usually rejected by those on the right on…

Tax cut fight shows we're back to the same old Labor
Simon Cowan
22 June 2019 | The Canberra Times

No sooner were the left’s tears dry after the election loss, than they were out in the press pushing the need for the Coalition to abandon its tax cut agenda…

ScoMo is not The Donald
Simon Cowan
31 May 2019 | Ideas@TheCentre

As the shock of the election result recedes, more comparisons are being made between Morrison’s triumph in Australia and Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the 2016 US Presidential election. However,…

Poll highlighted divide
Jeremy Sammut
24 May 2019 | Ideas@TheCentre

The election victory was clearly a triumph for both the style and substance of Prime Minister Scott Morrison. But the most important post-election issue now is the battle to control…