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Ending the Violence in Indigenous Communities
Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, Marcia Langton, Josephine Cashman
05 December 2016 | OP152

Urgent action is need to address the epidemic of violence in Indigenous communities. Aboriginal women are between 37 and 80 times more likely to experience family violence than non-Indigenous women. For too long, the voices of the victims of domestic violence have been oppressed and…

MEDI-VATION: ‘Health Innovation Communities’ for Medicare Payment and Service Reform
Jeremy Sammut, Gerald Thomas, Peta Seaton
02 November 2016 | RR21

Health Innovation Communities (HICs) would essentially constitute an Australian ‘Silicon Valley’ for health – hubs for research and development within which the proverbial 1000 flowers will bloom as a plurality of different providers create novel health products and solutions. The good examples and real world…

MEDI-VALUE: Health Insurance and Service Innovation in Australia - Implications for the Future of Medicare
Jeremy Sammut
20 April 2016 | Research Report 14

For healthcare innovation to flourish there needs to be a real market for health services in Australia. Providers that deliver cost-effective, patient-centred care should be rewarded for increased efficiency and lower costs by being able to sell that value-proposition to cost-and quality-conscious purchasers. For innovation…

An Ounce of Prevention? A Toolkit for Evaluating Preventive Health Measures
Helen Andrews
26 November 2014 | PM143

Preventive health is a broad umbrella that includes such disparate services as vaccines for schoolchildren, blood pressure screenings, ad campaigns to discourage binge drinking, and special taxes on tobacco products. What all these programs have in common is an intention to spend money now in…

Helen Hughes: A Tribute
Glenys Byrne, Greg Lindsay, Noel Pearson, Ron Duncan, Tony Abbott
27 August 2014 | PF26

CIS Senior Fellow Professor Helen Hughes AO passed away on 15 June 2013 after a lifetime dedicated to working passionately and always fiercely on behalf of the poor and the powerless. Helen was a distinguished economist with a particular focus on development economics and improving…

Media & Commentary

MEDIA RELEASE: Terry Barnes: lessons from the GP copayment experience
23 November 2016

  There has been some media comment today on points made in a wide-ranging speech by Terry Barnes at the Centre for Independent Studies health innovation event on Wednesday. Mr…

Mediscare campaign is no friend of doctors
Jeremy Sammut
31 August 2016 | Australian Financial Review

The Turnbull government’s heralding of the latest bulk billing figures says a lot about the parlous state of the health debate. But politicians claiming to be Medicare’s ‘best friend’ are…

The genuinely scary side of Medicare
Jeremy Sammut
21 July 2016 | Quadrant

We all understand why Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has tried to neutralise Labor’s scare campaign by promising Medicare will never be privatised.  But the politicking over health is a classic…

Countering the Medi-scare
Jeremy Sammut
13 July 2016 | Australian Financial Review

The re-elected Turnbull government will almost certainly shy away from discussion of health reform, given the narrow election result and the apparent success of the Labor Party’s ‘Medi-scare’ tactic. With…

Detoxifying Medicare
Jeremy Sammut
02 July 2016 | The Spectator

In Spectator Australia last October, I wrote that those on the centre-right might one day regret the change of prime minister, given that Malcolm Turnbull’s ascent occurred on the back…