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  • New Publication

    The Case for a New Australian Settlement: Ruminations of an Inveterate Economist Wolfgang Kasper

    To enjoy prosperity into the future, Australia needs to establish an reform strategy that goes beyond economic policy and is underpinned by agreed basic understandings across political and social divides — a new ‘Australian settlement’.

  • Recent Publication

    Magna Carta: Talisman of Liberty Barry Maley

    We Australians justifiably rejoice in a degree of freedom, well-being, prosperity, lawfulness and peace that are the envy of the world. But we rarely stop to consider that our way of life is a creation with a history. Understanding how it came about is vital to the will to protect and to cherish.

  • Upcoming Event

    Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ and the Market Economy: Good Intentions, Flawed Economics

    While the genuineness of Pope Francis’s concern for those in poverty is unquestionable, Dr. Samuel Gregg argues that many of the economic ideas expressed in his encyclical Laudato Si’ not only reflect flawed thinking about the nature of free markets but are also unlikely to substantially address the economic challenges faced by those who he seeks to helps.




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Research Director

The person we are looking for will have a strong affiliation with the CIS mission, understand the CIS strategic positioning and have the intellectual capacity to drive forward the CIS’s research program in conjunction with the Executive Director.  They will have an enthusiasm for engaging in public policy debate and an ability to guide a research team.  Read more