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All Family Life Publications

  • The Age Old Problem of Old Age: Fixing the Pension

    Matthew Taylor, Simon Cowan | 27 Apr 2015 | Research Reports

    The Age Pension is unfair to poorer pensioners, badly targeted, and imposing an unsustainable rising cost on the taxpayer. Pension...

  • The Age Old Problem of Old Age: Fixing the Pension

    Matthew Taylor, Simon Cowan | 27 Apr 2015 | TARGET30 Papers

    The Age Pension is unfair to poorer pensioners, badly targeted, and imposing an unsustainable rising cost on the taxpayer. Pension...

  • The Kinship Conundrum: The Impact of Aboriginal Self-Determination on Indigenous Child Protection

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Dec 2014 | Policy Monographs

    This report argues that mainstreaming revolution in Indigenous policy should be extended to Indigenous child protection policy,...

  • Regulating for Quality in Childcare: The Evidence Base

    Trisha Jha | 05 Nov 2014 | Policy Monographs

    The report explores the evidence base for the recent National Quality Agenda reforms to childcare that mandate lower staff-to-child...

  • Complex Family Payments: What it Costs the Village to Raise a Child

    Trisha Jha | 06 Aug 2014 | Policy Monographs

    The report describes the family payments system (with a focus on family tax benefits and child care fee assistance) and analyses...

  • Fairer Paid Parental Leave

    Matthew Taylor | 07 Jul 2014 | TARGET30 Papers

    This report describes how an Income Contingent Loans (ICL) scheme could be used to provide wage replacement Paid Parental...

  • The Forgotten Freedom: Threats to Religious Liberty in Australia

    Peter Kurti | 01 Jul 2014 | Policy Monographs

    When religious followers try to express their beliefs about topics such as same-sex marriage, they are frequently met with...

  • Still Damaging and Disturbing: Australian Child Protection Data and the Need for National Adoption Targets

    Jeremy Sammut | 16 Apr 2014 | Issue Analysis

    Australian child protection policy continues to resemble Einstein’s definition of madness—doing the same thing and expecting...

  • The New Silence: Family Breakdown and Child Sexual Abuse

    Jeremy Sammut | 30 Jan 2014 | Issue Analysis

    Despite family breakdown exposing children to greater risk of sexual abuse, the issue receives scant attention in this country....

  • Emergency Budget Repair Kit

    Alexander Philipatos, Jennifer Buckingham, Jeremy Sammut, Robert Carling, Simon Cowan, Trisha Jha | 21 Nov 2013 | TARGET30 Papers

    The federal budget deficit has been described as an emergency. Cutting wasteful programs can save more than $20 billion a...

  • A Fair Go: Fact or Fiction?

    Benjamin Herscovitch | 09 May 2013 | Policy Monographs

    The Australian ideal of a fair go is fact rather than fiction. By offering all individuals the opportunity to capitalise...

  • Tax Welfare Churn and the Australian Welfare State

    Andrew Baker | 27 Mar 2013 | TARGET30 Papers

    The welfare state currently consumes $316 billion a year; however, much of this spending is not targeted at those who need...

  • The Fraught Politics of Saying Sorry for Forced Adoption: Implications for Child Protection Policy in Australia

    Jeremy Sammut | 19 Mar 2013 | Issue Analysis

    Many Australians will believe a national apology for forced adoption is overdue. But there is a danger that the apology will...

  • TARGET30: Towards smaller government and future prosperity

    Peter Saunders, Robert Carling, Simon Cowan | 06 Mar 2013 | TARGET30 Papers

    TARGET30 is a campaign promoting smaller government, supported by a series of research reports providing policy solutions...

  • Overcoming a Culture of Low Expectations

    Jessica Brown | 28 Mar 2012 | Issue Analysis

    The most important thing we can do to encourage disadvantaged Australians into work – including people with disabilities,...

  • Do Not Damage and Disturb: On Child Protection Failures and the Pressure on Out-of-Home Care in Australia

    Jeremy Sammut | 03 Nov 2011 | Policy Monographs

    This monograph shows that the rising size, cost, and complexity of the out-of-home care system in Australia is directly linked...

  • Populate and Perish? Modelling Australia's Demographic Future

    Jessica Brown, Oliver Marc Hartwich | 07 Oct 2010 | Policy Monographs

    Since the publication of the 2010 Intergenerational Report, Australia has been debating its demographic future and whether...

  • The Power and the Responsibility: Child Protection in the Post-Welfare State Era

    Jeremy Sammut | 08 Sep 2010 | Occasional Papers

    Government-run child protection services in Australia are plagued by systemic problems, including a misguided emphasis on...

  • FEATURE: From Murphy's to Howard's Law

    Sue Price | 17 Jun 2010 | POLICY Magazine

    Shared parenting laws are under threat from feminists with no intention of giving fathers a fair go.

  • Family on the Edge: Stability and Fertility in Prosperity and Recession

    Barry Maley | 16 Sep 2009 | Policy Monographs

    Barry Maley argues that unless family law and policies rapidly change, family stability and a buoyant birth rate will be...

  • Breaking the Cycle of Family Joblessness

    Jessica Brown | 05 May 2009 | Policy Monographs

    Solving the problem of high family joblessness will require reform of the welfare, tax, and industrial relations systems.

  • Million Dollar Babies: Paid Parental Leave and Family Policy Reform

    Jessica Brown | 18 Nov 2008 | Issue Analysis

    Support for the introduction of paid parental leave has been so vocal that rather than being a means to an end, paid parental...

  • Baby Steps Toward Self-Funded Parental Leave

    Jessica Brown | 18 Sep 2008 | Issue Analysis

    The debate about increasing the aged pension highlights the fact that, once again, government handouts lead to increasing...

  • OPINION: An Alternative Vision of Parental Leave

    Jessica Brown | 15 Sep 2008 | POLICY Magazine

    Instead of requiring more taxpayer spending, parental leave could be self-funded.

  • Child Care and the Labour Supply

    Jennifer Buckingham | 23 Jul 2008 | Issue Analysis

    This report investigates whether child care is unaffordable and if government funding is contributing to its affordability...

  • Child Care: Who Benefits?

    Jennifer Buckingham | 24 Oct 2007 | Issue Analysis

    Child care has gone from something that families would use sparingly and only if necessary to being an alleged human right....

  • BOOK REVIEW: The 7 Deadly Sins of Obesity: How the Modern World is Making Us Fat

    Jess Moir | 09 Sep 2007 | POLICY Magazine

    The 7 Deadly Sins of Obesity: How the Modern World is Making us Fat edited by Jane Dixon and Dorothy Broom (UNSW Press, 2007).

  • FEATURE: The Baby Bonus: A Dubious Policy Initiative

    Ross Guest | 03 Mar 2007 | POLICY Magazine

    The Baby Bonus is an expensive way to alleviate a fertility decline that need not concern us.

  • BOOK REVIEW: Motherhood: How Should We Care For Our Children?

    Arti Sharma | 07 Jul 2006 | POLICY Magazine

    Motherhood: How should we care for our children? by Anne Manne (Allen and Unwin, 2005).

  • Family Relationship Centres: Why We Don’t Need Them

    Arti Sharma | 12 Apr 2006 | Issue Analysis

    As part of a major overhaul of the Family Law Act, the Australian government plans to spend $200 million establishing a network...

  • BOOK REVIEW: Family Matters: Family Breakdown and Its Consequences

    Barry Maley | 03 Mar 2005 | POLICY Magazine

    Family Matters: Family Breakdown and its consequences by Patricia Morgan (New Zealand Business Roundtable, 2004).

  • State of the Nation: An Agenda for Change 2004

    Jennifer Buckingham | 05 May 2004 | Special Publications

    This book is now in its fourth edition.  It offers independent views on Australia’s progress across a range of indicators...

  • The Taxation of Shared Family Incomes

    Terry Dwyer | 29 Apr 2004 | Policy Monographs

    Terry Dwyer’s paper makes a compelling case for recognising family income sharing for tax purposes, and his arguments and...

  • Divorce Law and the Future of Marriage

    Barry Maley | 02 Mar 2004 | Policy Monographs

    No-fault divorce law has precipitated marital instability in Australia, discouraging people from marrying, staying together,...

  • Reforming Divorce Law

    Barry Maley | 01 Sep 2003 | Issue Analysis

    Marriage has evolved from a relatively stable bond to a highly uncertain one. High divorce rates, the substitution of cohabitation...

  • The Tender Trap: Reducing Long-Term Welfare Dependency by Reforming the Parenting Payment System

    Peter Saunders | 11 Jun 2003 | Issue Analysis

    Moving single parents whose children are at school off welfare and into work is a key component of a broader strategy to...

  • Family and Marriage in Australia

    Barry Maley | 25 Jun 2002 | Policy Monographs

    The growing instability of the nuclear family is a fundamental cause behind a great deal of juvenile crime, youth suicide...

  • Families, Fertility and Maternity Leave

    Barry Maley | 12 Jun 2002 | Issue Analysis

    Sound family policy is being side-tracked by the concentration on the role of maternity leave in raising the fertility rate....

  • Poor Statistics: Getting the Facts Right About Poverty in Australia

    Peter Saunders | 03 Apr 2002 | Issue Analysis

    Some welfare organisations suggest that poverty statistics are unimportant and that the CIS critique of the Smith Family’s...

  • Poor Arguments: A Response to the Smith Family Report on Poverty in Australia

    Kayoko Tsumori | 16 Jan 2002 | Issue Analysis

    The welfare lobby, including The Smith Family and NATSEM, continues to inflate poverty statistics to advance a political...

  • Taxing the family : Australia's forgotten people in the income spectrum

    Lucy Sullivan | 22 Aug 2001 | Policy Monographs

    Over the last two decades, the tax burden has shifted from taxpayers without to taxpayers with dependent children.  While...

  • State of the Nation 2001: A Century of Change

    Jennifer Buckingham | 05 Apr 2001 | Special Publications

    This major report finds that Australia is in the midst of profound social and economic change sometimes for the better, sometimes...

  • State of the Nation 2001: A Century of Change (CD ROM)

    Jennifer Buckingham | 05 Apr 2001 | Special Publications

    A CD version of a major report that finds Australia is in the midst of profound social and economic change sometimes for...

  • Beyond the Classroom : how parents influence their children's education

    Alison Rich | 30 Aug 2000 | Policy Monographs

    Parents are crucial to the academic success of their children. The report, Beyond the Classroom: How Parents Influence Their...

  • Trailing the Class: Sole Parent Families and Educational Disadvantage

    Alison Rich | 26 Jun 2000 | Issue Analysis

    The association between family structure and educational performance has been the focus of much research in recent years....

  • Behavioural Poverty

    Lucy Sullivan | 09 Apr 2000 | Policy Monographs

    The welfare debate is bedeviled by the failure to distinguish behavioural from financial poverty. The minimum income available...

  • State of the Nation: Indicators of a Changing Australia 1999

    Lucy Sullivan | 02 Aug 1999 | Special Publications

    The expanded and revised edition of State of the Nation: Indicators of a Changing Australia 1999 is a comprehensive guide...

  • Children's Rights : Where the Law is Heading and What it Means for Families

    Barry Maley | 05 May 1999 | Policy Monographs

    Barry Maley cautions that while children are citizens entitled to the protection of the state, he believes that some recent...

  • Social Capital Stories: How 12 Australian Households Live their Lives

    Martin Stewart-Weeks | 05 Apr 1999 | Policy Monographs

    Social capital - the network of informal social connections that helps to hold communities together - is often reported to...

  • SCHOOLS' BRIEF: Taxation of Family Income

    Lucy Sullivan | 12 Dec 1998 | POLICY Magazine

    The Lost Concept of Horizontal Equity

  • Tax Injustice: Keeping the Family Cap-in-Hand

    Lucy Sullivan | 10 Jul 1998 | Issue Analysis

    There is a growing awareness of financial pressure on the family, together with anomalies in the interaction of family earnings,...

  • BOOK NOTES: The Family: There Is No Other Way

    Barry Maley | 03 Mar 1997 | POLICY Magazine

    The Family: There Is No Other Way edited by Bill Muehlenberg, Joseph Santamaria, Peter Westmore and Mary Helen Woods (Australian...

  • REVIEW ARTICLE: Family, Education and Society

    Lucy Sullivan | 12 Dec 1996 | POLICY Magazine

    Family, Education and Society: The Australian Perspective edited by A. R. Barcan and P. O'Flaherty (Academy Press, 1995.)

  • Home Repairs: Building Stronger Families to Resist Social Decay

    Barry Maley | 05 Feb 1996 | Policy Forum

  • FEATURE: The Culture of Modern Entrepreneurship

    Brigette Berger | 06 Jun 1995 | POLICY Magazine

    Family, religion and the economy.

  • REVIEW ARTICLE: Family Folly

    Barry Maley | 06 Jun 1995 | POLICY Magazine

    Creating the Links: Families and Social Responsibility, Final Report by The National Council of the International Year of...

  • The Social Roots of Prosperity

    Brigette Berger | 01 May 1995 | Occasional Papers

    A society’s prosperity depends on its families. That is the central message of Brigitte Berger’s analysis of economic...

  • Civic Capitalism- An Australian Agenda for Institutional Renewal

    Nick Greiner | 01 May 1995 | Occasional Papers

    A new political middle ground is forming around the idea that successful societies depend on ‘social capital’- the goodwill,...

  • FEATURE: Supporting Mothers, Twenty Years On

    Alan Tapper | 12 Dec 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    Government support for sole parents has increased spectacularly over the last twenty years. The level of benefits is now...

  • FEATURE: Does the Family Need a Family Policy?

    James Cox | 09 Sep 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    In recent years, two-parent families have lost ground in the welfare state to other groups, especially sole-parent families...

  • COMMENT: For Feature: Does the Family Need a Family Policy?

    David Thomson | 09 Sep 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    Comment for feature article, Does the Family Need a Family Policy?

  • COMMENT: Further Comment on FEATURE: Does the Family Need a Family Policy?

    Alan Tapper | 09 Sep 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    Further comment on feature article, Does the Family Need a Family Policy?

  • COMMENT: Continued Comment for FEATURE: Does the Family Need a Family Policy?

    Barry Maley | 09 Sep 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    Continued commentary on the feature article, Does the Family Need a Family Policy?

  • REJOINDER: for FEATURE: Does the Family Need a Family Policy?

    James Cox | 09 Sep 1993 | POLICY Magazine

    James Cox's rejoinder for his feature article, Does the Family Need a Family Policy?

  • FEATURE: Why Australia's Divorce Law Should Be Reformed

    Brian Trainor | 03 Mar 1992 | POLICY Magazine

    The law on divorce should be reformed to give effect to a 'democratic compromise' between liberal and conservative concerns.

  • REVIEW: A Framework For Family Policy

    Barry Maley | 03 Mar 1992 | POLICY Magazine

    The Family in the Welfare State by Alan Tapper (Allen & Unwin, 1990.)

  • FEATURE: The Rise of the State in Education: Part Two: The Abolition of Parental Fees

    Edwin G. West | 06 Jun 1991 | POLICY Magazine

    In the second of two articles on the growth of state involvement in education, Edwin West describes the defeat of attempts...

  • FEATURE: Failing Families, Vanishing Australians and the Welfare State

    Barry Maley | 06 Jun 1990 | POLICY Magazine

    Australia's fertility rate, like that of several other Western countries, has fallen well below the level needed to sustain...

  • The Long Debate on Poverty

    R.M. Hartwell | 10 May 1988 | Occasional Papers

    In The Long Debate on Poverty, Professor Hartwell analyses the debate on poverty and its historical roots; demonstrates the...

  • Affirmative Action: The New Discrimination

    Gabrielle Moens | 18 Dec 1985 | Policy Monographs

    Gabriel Moens finds that the philosophical and practical ramifications of such 'affirmative action' may be worse than the...

  • Free to Shop

    Geoff Hogbin | 18 May 1983 | Policy Monographs

    Shopping hours and standards in Australia are far behind those of other countries. The trend of Governments in other countries...