Issue Analysis


Australia’s Future Fiscal Shock
Robert Carling
28 September 2012 | IA134

Australia’s Future Fiscal Shock. Robert Carling is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies.

The Henry Tax Review: A Liberal Critique
14 March 2012 | IA130

The public release of Australia’s Future Tax System—known as the Henry review—in May 2010 sparked an ongoing debate in Australia about the structure and efficiency of the country’s tax system. The review recommended substantial reforms…

A Waste of Energy: Why The Clean Energy Finance Corporation is redundant
Oliver Marc Hartwich
01 March 2012 | PM129

The federal government’s plans to establish a Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) should be scrapped. As a commercially oriented company, it competes with private investors. As a company with a public mandate, it nevertheless aims…

Emissions Tax: The Least Worst Option
Luke Malpass
16 July 2009 | IA113

Following warnings from mainstream scientists, politicians around the world have rushed to implement a range of taxes, regulations, subsidies and schemes to save humanity from the impending dangers of warmer winters and higher waters. But…

The Folly of Criminalising Cartels
Jason Soon
03 June 2009 | IA111

A cartel is an agreement between competitors not to compete. The most well-known and publicised form of cartelising conduct is an agreement between competitors to fix prices. Such conduct is prohibited by Australia’s Trade Practices…