Issue Analysis


Australia and the Asian Ascendancy: Why Upskilling is Not Necessary to Reap the Rewards
Benjamin Herscovitch
19 February 2013 | IA137

Australia’s Asian embrace: Australia’s exports to Asia are almost triple its exports to the rest of the world, and 7 out of Australia’s top 10 trading partners are in Asia. Exporting to Asia’s burgeoning middle-classes:…

Australia's Asia Literacy Non-Problem
Benjamin Herscovitch
05 September 2012 | IA133

New large-scale Asia literacy programs are not necessary for Australia to prosper in the Asian Century. There are approximately 2 billion English speakers globally, while English is spoken by about 800 million people in Asia…

Europe’s Painful Farewell: An Essay on the Decline of the Old World
Oliver Marc Hartwich
16 December 2010 | IA123

Europe is a continent in crisis. The financial problems of many European economies became visible to the rest of world when Greece only narrowly escaped bankruptcy in May 2010. Ever since, more unpleasant data about…

Australia and the Future of Nuclear Deterrence
Robyn Lim
01 March 2007 | IA82

Nuclear weapons, because of their enormous destructive power, represent survival interests of states. Australia decided long ago that our best option was to rely on the United States for our nuclear security, rather than developing…

Annals of Aid: Vanuatu and The United States Millenium Challenge Corporation
Helen Hughes
05 April 2006 | IA69

Vanuatu, with a population of 200,000, is a medium sized Pacific state that became independent from the British-French Pacific Condominium in 1980. Vanuatu has rich agricultural land, marine resources and many beautiful tourist sites. Like…